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... we all learned that Attorney General Jeff Sessions was rescinding the Cole memo, a move that signals a new era of federal crackdowns on the marijuana industry. The timing is by no means coincidental, happening only a few days after cannabis became officially legal in California. However, California is in a much better position than states such as Colorado and Washington. With the largest agricultural economy in the U.S. and the fifth largest overall economy in the entire world, our state is primed to fight the Attorney General. More importantly, as the industry grows, so will their lobbying power in Washington. Trump is already on record as saying legalization should be a state decision (not that this means much), and one publication has already speculated that Sessions’ overreach could increase the odds that Congress could move to legalize marijuana in all of the U.S.

And to circle back around, I’m also confident that in addition to the hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs created by the marijuana economy, legalization will also serve to save or help a lot of struggling industries including, but not limited to textiles, plant-based biodiesels and, yes, print-based media. 

See, there’s a provision in Proposition 64 that allows for the cultivation of industrial hemp (essentially the THC-free version of cannabis sativa) and with the entire West Coast now decriminalized, there’s no reason to think we won’t soon be seeing the rather miraculous plant used to make clothes, oils, cosmetics and, yes, paper. In the ‘30s, before the U.S. banned it, hemp was considered a huge cash crop and farmers were highly encouraged to grow it to help the war effort. They even made a short government propaganda film titled Hemp for Victory. It wasn’t until the late ‘60s that it was designated a Schedule 1 controlled substance (thanks, Nixon!). And because it’s illegal to import and cultivate hemp seeds, we’re currently the only industrialized nation that doesn’t allow industrial hemp farming ...


Source: http://sdcitybeat.com/news-and-opinion/from-the-editor/hemp-for-america-and-print-media/

Kate Paulley