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Our mission is to support the re-introduction of Industrial Hemp as a leading agricultural crop in America and build a thriving hemp economy. 



Hemp for Victory is working closely and diligently with policy makers on both sides of the aisle to further the Hemp for Victory campaign agenda. Back for its seventh iteration in the House of Representatives, the Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2017 continues to gain bipartisan support. The 75th anniversary campaign sets the stage for the new era of reform efforts.   



The hemp industry is on the rise, with the potential to reshape and rebuild our economy with the creation of thousands of jobs that can be produced through farming Hemp and producing sustainable products. Recognizing hemp as an industrial crop will help mobilize the workforce and we will create our Hemp for Vets program to help put our veterans back to work.



Americans safely consume $580m worth of products made from IMPORTED hemp every year. Removing hemp from Schedule of the Controlled Substances Act would allow the US to legally cultivate seeds and reestablish the farming, processing and manufacturing jobs associated with hemp, taking them back from the 30 countries that legally grow it, from Canada to France to China.