COMING SOON! The American Hemp Campaign


While the political winds are changing around hemp, we still have work to do before it is completely legal to grow hemp on an industrial scale in the United States. To reach that goal, it is critical for policy makers at both the federal and state level to appreciate the economic benefits a legal hemp market could produce in counties across the nation. They must understand that hemp products are becoming increasing popular, yet production in this country — unlike any other country — is unnecessarily and irrationally limited.


Toward this end, Hemp for Victory is teaming with VS Strategies to launch the American Hemp Campaign, which will focus like a laser on the economic benefits of growing American hemp. VS Strategies is led by Steve Fox and Mason Tvert, who were largely responsible for changing public perceptions of cannabis in Colorado in the years before legalization. The American Hemp Campaign will use similar strategies, from earned media to direct advocacy, to build greater support for hemp.